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Understanding Generational Differences in Communication  

1 hr
Material reviews the changes in communication styles in the last 50 years. Fun facts, including newest communicating devices, most popular words, dress codes and more will show consistent changes in communication used by each generation. This information is valuable for those trying to motivate, hire, or train their workforce. Ideal for team leads, supervisors, managers and influencers. We currently have 4 generations empoyed at the same time... trying to manage a diverse aging team can be complicated.


Workforce Burnout 2, Changing the Workplace Culture  

1 hr
Workforce Burnout 1 was an eye opener for many participants as they tested positive for some level of burnout. Workforce Burnout 2 will identify useful steps to change the workplace culture starting with "ME". Since people naturally follow those who are stronger than themselves, we will review steps to build stronger relationships that will positively impact the workforce. Material also reviews periodic mental health surveys for both the organization as well as management, so that adjustments can be made as needed. Since burnout in healthcare can lead to suboptimal patient care and reduced patient satisfaction, delivery will be geared towards healthcare providers.


Delicate Discussions on Senior Care Planning  

1.5 hr
All too often people jump to conclusions on a proper care plan for their loved one, leading to complications and regret. This 90-minute class will review healthy conversation starters, evaluation tips, and introduce long term care options. We've included information on safe driving, and evaluation of social, physical, financial and cognitive levels. The primary purpose of this information is to avoid making decisions on a bad day when emotions are high and information is limited.


Understanding Elder Abuse  

1 hr
Seminar reviews recent statistics of the growing number of seniors who are experiencing abuse. Abuse is often overlooked and under recognized. Find out where to look for physical signs of abuse and how to recognize behaviors that may indicate the threat of abuse. Information will also discuss common combative behaviors by seniors and suggest methods to calm the situation.


Workforce Burnout  

1 hr
This program identifies the current surge of workplace burnout and depression within a workforce. Information includes level of risk by generation (ex: baby boomers, gen X, millennials). Participants will partake in a personal evaluation to test their level of workplace burnout. The score interpretation will allow them to take steps if necessary, in seeking help. Presentation reviews how to create boundaries between home and work, how to maintain social connections and the importance of healthy, trustworthy relationships in/out of work. Participants walk away with a plan on how to improve themselves and their workforce. Highly recommended for HR Professionals, Management and team leads.


Caregiving Survival  

1 hr
Caregiving survival offers an enthusiastic delivery of the steps needed to survive the stress of caregiving.  Since caregivers share a common emotional thread it often helps others to see that they are not alone and that there are things we can do to keep ourselves mentally healthy.  Caregiving survival is based on the book, Personal Positioning for the Caregiver. Caregiving survival is designed with the family caregiver in mind and will encourage both positive thoughts and behaviors.


Caregiving Survival PLUS Caring for the Elderly  

2 hrs
In this 2 hour course Jill Gafner Livingston will combine her Caregiving Survival seminar with instruction in Elderly Care, focusing on aging patients with dementia. “Caregivers are at great health risk due to the amount of mental stress they carry with them at all times”.  Knowing how to manage the stress of caregiving, and in particular, caregiving for a person with dementia, reduces the risks.  After caregiving survival, the seminar will evolve into caring for the elderly, whether it is a patient or a loved one, the content will review ways to manage behaviors associated with dementia and the aging process.  Ultimately, the participant will be given tools to assist them in their role as a caregiver.  No Prerequisites required.  Participants will receive a handbook containing the presentation. 

Participants of this 2 hour course will learn the following:

Caregiving Survival

  1. National need for caregivers
  2. The risks of caregiving
  3. Recognizing caregiving burnout & emotional turmoil 
  4. A Caregiver's bio, what does it take to be a caregiver?
  5. Preparing a personal plan to balance the stress of caregiving

Caring for the Elderly

  1. The different forms of dementia
  2. What is Person Centered Care?
  3. The benefits of a care plan
  4. Non verbal communication
  5. Appropriate activities
  6. How to address repetitive behaviors 
  7. Wandering - how to prepare
  8. Tips on dining (in or out), dressing, bathing


Let's Understand Dementia  

1 hr
Perfect for senior care professionals and family caregivers. This 1-hour basic content includes a review of non-reversible and pseudo dementias. Participants will get an overview of early, middle and late-stage behaviors associated with dementia along with instructions on how to manage through the behaviors.



February 12 Seminar

April 24 Seminar




NO COST "IN PERSON support groups"
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Memory Care Monthly Dementia Support Group
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NO COST "IN PERSON support groups"
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Global Training Experts LLC will no longer offer the Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar after June 22 2022. To find another provider, please go to Thank you.

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